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Corporate healthcare

With a Healix corporate Healthcare Trust you can provide your employees with the healthcare that they deserve.

We work with organisations who prioritise their employees’ health and wellbeing. That is why we offer a flexible package of benefits and services that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Is a corporate Healthcare Trust right for me?

Do you spend more than £150k on employee healthcare?

– Yes

Switching to a corporate Healthcare Trust is no more expensive than traditional PMI and could actually save you money. Healix’s corporate Healthcare Trust is designed to give you more control over your healthcare costs, securing your employees the right healthcare in good times, as well as bad. 

You need a corporate Healthcare Trust

– No

If you’ve fewer than 200 employees it’s likely your healthcare spend will be less, which is why you’ve probably favoured seeking traditional healthcare options. There is an alternative. Healix’s Multi-Employer Healthcare Trust is designed to give your employees the same health benefits that they’re used to, but at a price you can afford.

You need a Multi-Employer Healthcare Trust

Every business is different. With our corporate trust, you’ll have more control over the healthcare benefits that your team receives, safe in the knowledge that anything you choose is backed by our unrivalled clinical expertise.

Healthcare Services

Wherever your healthcare priorities lie, and whatever you’re looking to achieve with your plan, Healix offers a range of services which you can pick and choose from. Each healthcare benefit can help you to build the fit and healthy workforce that you need to make sure your business continues to thrive in the years ahead. Medical treatments are contained within the Healthcare Trust, and additional services sit outside of the Healthcare Trust structure.

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