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Absence management solutions

When a colleague is off sick, the impact can be significant. Whether it’s arranging cover or rescheduling meetings, employee absence is a problem experienced by every organisation.

Our clinician-led approach will help you to put processes in place to streamline your operations, improving your efficiency, and helping your HR team to reduce the cost to your business.

Delivering clear results for UK businesses


Average reduction in absence


Average return on investment


Average increase in manage compliance


Average reduction in length of short term absence

Why is employee absence management important?

Employee Absences can be expensive. It’s estimated that on average, companies lose hundreds of pounds, per  employee, every year due to sick days. From the recruitment fees for finding temporary cover, to the extra salary you’ll be covering while your colleague is away, the costs can mount up. But, with the right support, they don’t have to. 

Healix can tell you how much absence is costing your business and provide absence management solutions to reduce that figure. With our cutting-edge technology, you’re able to forecast costs, allocate resources, and manage shift patterns. 

Adopting the right approach to absenteeism won’t only save you time and money; it’ll reduce risk, increase productivity and promote a healthy and engaged workforce.

Healix’s approach to absence management

We work with FirstCare, a leading absence management specialist. They have the UK’s largest absence database, covering more than 185,000 employees, and are actively involved in improving national standards for absence management. 

FirstCare adopts a simple and effective process to manage absences, limiting risk, increasing productivity, and cutting costs. Here are some of the ways they achieve this:

Early intervention

Your absence management service will begin from the first day your colleague is off sick, so you can offer support as early as possible.

Better compliance

All of their processes are legally-compliant, reducing the risk to you.

Best practice return to work process

Returning to work after a period of absence can be difficult. FirstCare offers the support you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Fast-track referrals

Quick referrals mean employees get on the correct pathway sooner, making for a speedier recovery.

Real-time data and reporting

To help you make sense of the impact absences are having, FirstCare offers complete visibility on data, in real time, which can help you to spot trends. 

Keeping things straight forward for everyone

By taking a simple approach to administration, it’ll be easier for your team to support employees who are off sick.

Nurse-led wellbeing care

Like us, FirstCare’s nurse-led approach will make sure that employees get the right support. Their expert advice will help to address any issues before they become big problems, which could save you money.

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