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healthcare cash plan

With Healix Health Services’ healthcare cash plan, your colleagues can recoup the cost of their everyday health checks and procedures.

How it works is simple: you devote a portion of your healthcare fund to a corporate health cash plan, and we’ll reimburse the costs from a wide range of medical services that your team has incurred. From dental procedures and eye tests to sessions with a chiropractor or physiotherapist, a healthcare cash plan is a great benefit to have.

Why choose a healthcare cash plan?

You may already have heard of cash plans in healthcare insurance as a way for patients to receive a refund on the cost of a consultation or treatment. With a corporate trust they work in exactly the same way, but Healix’s cash plan can offer a flexible approach.

As an employer, you recognise the needs of your team better than anyone. That’s why you’ll decide which medical services to include on your corporate health cash plan, and how much your colleagues can expect to be refunded for their treatment.

A corporate health cash plan is a fantastic benefit that can be used by every member of your team. It can even help employers to provide reduced-cost health benefits to employee groups within the business who aren’t covered by the trust.

Healthcare services which can be used for cash plan

Optical benefits

From eye tests to minor operations, a cash plan to cover those trips to the opticians is a useful benefit for any team member to have.

Dental benefits

You can cover some, if not all, of the cost of a selection of dental services. From check-ups to non-cosmetic procedures, dental cash plans can save your team hundreds, if not thousands, each year.


As anyone who has lived with musculoskeletal conditions will know, immediate intervention can bring much-needed relief to sufferers. Cash plans can deliver just that, making sure that your colleagues are recompensed for their vital treatment. 

Chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture and homoeopathy

Healix Health Services’ healthcare cash plan is flexible, so you can put it towards the medical or holistic service you deem best – including visits to the chiropractor, osteopath, or even acupuncture and homeopathy treatments. 

Scans, health screenings and consultations

Scans, health screenings, and consultations can help the members of your team to catch conditions early, widening the options for treatment which could ultimately save you money. 

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