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Financial wellbeing at work

Stress caused by poor financial management can lead to low productivity in the workplace. One in eight of us admit that money worries reduce our ability to concentrate at work. When we’re not working to our full potential, it can add to the stress that we’re feeling. Healix Health Services can help. Along with our partner, EBC, we provide a range of finance courses that are tailored to you, to aid financial wellbeing at work, that is delivered in a format that’s useful for all audiences.

EBC’s workplace financial wellbeing services are designed to put your team in control of their finances, giving them the guidance they need to develop critical life skills which will support them in the years to come.

What is group finance education?

40% of working-age people don’t keep track of their spending, which often leads to difficulties with repaying debts. The stress that comes from this can impact our mental wellbeing and productivity at work. That’s why Healix has developed a range of finance courses designed to inform our spending decisions and boost our confidence in the financial choices we make.

Healix’s workplace financial wellbeing services offer impartial advice that’s jargon-free and communicated in plain English.

Our flexible approach to financial planning can help your employees to develop the valuable life skills needed to keep on top of things, including how to make a monthly budget or understand pension contributions.

How are the finance courses taught?

Each session is delivered using everyday language and visual aids to keep the lessons lively, engaging, relevant, and easy-to-understand. We offer a range of different formats, from informal lunch-and-learn sessions and structured topic-led seminars to one-to-one financial planning.

To make sure that the course content is right for your audience, your sessions are tailored to the needs of your team.

Here’s what else it offers:

Financial courses for pension members

• Pension freedoms: the options, pros and cons.
• Transfer considerations for defined benefit members.

Financial courses for mid-earners

• How to retire comfortably.
• Guide to pensions, savings and other relevant factors.

Financial courses for high-earners

• Which investment yields the highest return.
• The ever-changing landscape of pension rules and allowances.

Financial courses for those aged 50+

• Pre-retirement planning.
• Financial implications of retirement.

Financial courses for new joiners, graduates and apprentices

• An introduction to personal financial success.
• Savings, allowances, pensions.
• Sensible borrowing activity.

Developing a healthy relationship with money

Healix’s group financial courses have one core aim: to help your employees to foster a healthy relationship with money ‒ for life. That’s why, after the sessions, we provide a range of financial planning tools and guides which your team can access from the comfort of their homes to help them to keep on top of their finances. The skills your team will develop from EBC’s financial education sessions will stay with them, helping them to develop a flexible approach to their finances, in good times as well as bad.

Financial wellbeing at work sessions:


Covering a range of financial topics that are tailored to its audience.

Individual advice

Bespoke guidance and one-to-one drop-ins for those who need an extra layer of support.

Lunch and learn

An opportunity for up to 30 of your colleagues to ask the questions relevant to their circumstances in a relaxed setting, over a 30-45 minute lunch.

Getting ready to retire courses

A comprehensive 2-3 hour session for up to 25 of your colleagues, covering all aspects of planning at the end of a career.

Online video guides

Allow your remote workers to benefit from financial wellbeing courses, or provide an ongoing refresher course for everyone, via EBC’s video guides.

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