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Employee health screening

Keeping on top of our health and fitness can help with our performance at work. Good health isn’t something that we should take for granted, and it’s not something that’s always guaranteed. Benefit from our employee health screening services.

An employee health screening can help you to have more control over your wellbeing. It can put your mind at rest about those niggling aches and pains and make us feel better equipped to take charge of our own health and wellbeing.

How does an employee health screening work?

An employee health check is a fantastic benefit to have. It can quickly identify early signs of illness which, if left untreated, can lead to more serious concerns. 

Making time for our health isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. We work with Nuffield Health, BMI, and LiveSmart to offer our corporate trust members discounted rates on a range of employee health screenings, including pre-employment checks for new staff which can help to inform your future healthcare spend. 

An employee health check can look for a range of conditions that can lead to health concerns later on.


The majority of adults in the UK are either obese or overweight, which can lead to a range of health concerns – some life-threatening. Workplace health checks can help. Whether it’s a little extra encouragement to make better lifestyle choices or help with getting more active, our screenings can help your team to take the action they need to protect their long-term health.

High cholesterol

According to HeartUK, more than half of adults in Britain unknowingly have a raised cholesterol level, which can increase the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Health screenings can detect high cholesterol levels and put you on the correct path to reducing this.

Unhealthy lifestyle

This could include anything from smoking, having a poor diet, or drinking to excess. Although your colleagues may already recognise that these are harmful to their health, they may feel ill-equipped to adjust their lifestyle. Our health checks can provide the right support. From advice and guidance to referrals for treatment, we can help your team to make crucial lifestyle changes to improve their wellbeing.

Benefits of an employee health screening

Lifestyle advice

From help with quitting smoking to support with losing weight, our qualified experts can inspire your colleagues to make life-changing improvements to their health and wellbeing.

Health checks delivered in way to suit you

Each of our chosen health-screening partners adopts an innovative approach to health screening. Blood analysis, lifestyle data and one-to-one health coaching can be delivered remotely, at a time that suits you.

Prevention that’s better than a cure

Early detection of illnesses can expand treatment options. With a comprehensive health screening, potential problems can be caught early which could help with recovery and reduce future healthcare costs. 

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