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Employee Occupational Health

Employers have an obligation to safeguard the health and wellbeing of those who work for them. Having a robust employee occupational health programme is not only the right thing to do, it’s required by law.

At Healix, we work with two occupational health partners, HCB Group and KMB, to design a programme of support for companies who, like you, prioritise their employees’ wellbeing.

Occupational health in the UK should go further than absence management and health screenings. To get the best from your employees, you should make your support the very best it can be. And with Healix, it can be.

What is employee occupational health?

Occupational health ensures a safe and supportive work environment for your employees to thrive in. We all have bad days at work. There may be times that we’re under the weather or are just not running at 100%. But with the right occupational health programme, you can make sure that your team feels heard and supported, even through the rough times. 

Whether it helps with coming back to work after some time off, or free and easy access to vaccinations and immunisations, occupational health is needed by everyone at work – from your apprentices to the CEO. We’ll support you through the different types of occupational health screenings, whatever their complexity, and make sure you’re fulfilling employee health regulatory requirements every step of the way. 

Maximising efficiency in your occupational health programme

Every company is different. That’s why we’ll tailor your employee occupational health programme to you. Whether that’s offering extra occupational health services to work with what you already have, or starting from scratch: building a bespoke occupational health programme that’s based entirely around you.

We’ve developed occupational health programmes for Fortune 500 companies, and experience has taught us that when it comes to something as important as this, flexibility is everything. At Healix, we’ll take our cues from you, putting your budget towards the services that you need, exactly when you need them.

For some companies – like those with more employees – an enhanced occupational health service is needed to make sure everyone remains fit and healthy and able to perform their jobs. We work with KMB to provide the extra support needed to cater to everyone’s individual needs. Things like ongoing health surveillance and medical examinations can be offered as a part of your enhanced package to make your occupational health service fit for purpose.

Occupational health services designed to help your employees

Together with our partners, Healix can provide a strong and flexible occupational health programme that’s legally-compliant and suits the varying needs of your team. Here are just some of the things we cover:

New hire questionnaire

• Helps you to make the changes needed to welcome new team members.
• Safeguards you from any future health-related litigation.

Long-term sick or ill-health retirement referrals

• Support for employers and their workers during periods of long-term illness.
• Guidance on how to broach retirement referrals, and when these should be considered.

Health surveillance

• An extra safeguard for businesses with at-risk employees.
• Guidance on how to keep an eye on those who need additional support.

Specialist and additional occupational health screenings

• Help with specialised occupational health assessments.
• Advice and guidance for when extra health screenings are needed.

Absence management

• One-to-one counselling by our occupational health nurses.
• Identifying any barriers – both social and psychological – to returning to work.
• Supporting employees with more complex conditions, including mental health issues.

Pre and post-natal support

• Support for employers and their workers during periods of long-term illness.
• Guidance on how to broach retirement referrals, and when these should be considered.

Vaccinations and immunisations

• Winter flu vaccines to keep your employees fit for work.
• Travel immunisations for work trips abroad.

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