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Whether it’s developing a professional skill or trying their hand at something completely new, your colleagues will relish an opportunity for further study with Healix’s e-learning packages.

From business management to photography, we provide a range of comprehensive online courses, each with a vocational certificate at the end.

Why online learning can benefit your business

E-learning can improve productivity in the workplace, giving your team a goal to focus on aside from work. Research suggests that keeping our minds active contributes to our sense of achievement, hope and confidence, all of which have a positive effect on our wellbeing.

Online learning is built for the 21st-century workplace. By developing their professional and creative skills, your team can maximise feelings of wellbeing and fulfilment, keeping them happy at work and reducing the likelihood of them leaving.

Healix works with some of the world’s leading companies and with their input, we’ve developed an exceptional e-learning programme. The courses that you offer can even be tailored to your business, offering more of the things your employees love, and less of the ones they don’t.

Types of online training courses

Encourage your colleagues to learn a new skill or expand their knowledge of an existing topic with Healix’s remote learning courses. From business and marketing, to design and photography, we offer online lessons covering a range of topics, which can be taken at a time that suits them best.

With our e-learning courses your team can learn a new skill or enhance their knowledge of an existing one, all in the comfort of their own home.

Business and management

Whether you want to segue into a different role or brush up on some of the latest techniques within your own, our business and management courses can give you the opportunities that you need.

Health and psychology

Learning more about how the human body works can help us to become more intune with ourselves. Our health and psychology course builds the foundations for this, providing a comprehensive introduction to the inner workings of our mind and body.

Nature and environment

From globalisation to the effects of climate change, our natural surroundings and environment is put through a lot. This course provides a comprehensive overview which will help us to take notice of what’s happening in the world around us.

Technology and design

Whether you want to develop an eye for design or brush up on your Photoshop skills, our design and technology courses can help to harness your creativity.


From how to manage your ISO-settings to tips on where to find your inspiration, this introduction to photography covers all bases, honing your natural abilities to become an accomplished photographer.


Discover how to maximise your success in the various routes to market, from email to social media, and develop a core understanding of marketing techniques, both new and old, in today’s fast-moving marketplace.

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