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Healix ConneX

The affordable digital healthcare solution for all of your employees.

Healix ConneX is a low-cost, flexible digital healthcare alternative that offers immediate access to key treatments and private healthcare for a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.


What is Healix ConneX?

Personal health isn’t just a personal issue. With six million people waiting for NHS treatment, and 89% of the population not being able access accelerated treatment through private healthcare, businesses are losing a staggering 38 million productive days each year to work-related illness, and lack of prompt effective treatment.

However, rising PMI costs means that private healthcare access is often limited to only the most senior staff.


This is where Healix ConneX can help bridge the gap.

Healix ConneX is a market-first, digital solution that gives everyone instant access to professional healthcare with its affordable design.

For as little as £50 plus VAT per person per year, you can pick the best-fit package for your budget and requirements of your business, whilst making sure your employees get the help they need, when they need it.

Healthier people are happier people. And happier people are more productive.

Healix ConneX helps you protect your most valued asset: your people.

Boost productivity

Foster culture of wellness

Attract and retain talent

Support a return to work

Digital healthcare pathways

Healix ConneX offers accelerated access to four key clinical outcome areas brought together in one digital ecosystem.

Musculoskeletal Assessments

Triage injuries instantly and help your employees access the correct recovery pathways.

Emotional Wellbeing Assessments

Reduce stress and mental health absences with instant assessments powered by conversational AI.

Virtual GP Services

Access primary care with no need for waiting lists and inconvenient appointments, via a digital GP service.

Healix Wellbeing Resource

Pinpoint areas in your employees’ lives that need attention, with valuable health and wellbeing resources to help them get back on track.

Healix ConneX helps your workforce to…

  • Take control of their own health and wellbeing
    Users aren’t limited on the number of assessments they can complete, giving them the confidence to take charge of their own healthcare from the moment they develop symptoms.
  • Access immediate, 24/7 support and targeted therapy
    Digital triage, treatment pathways and physiotherapy – powered by conversational AI – means that everyone can get the care they need, when they need it.
  • Access services and experts digitally, remotely, or even in-person
    Our app removes barriers and lets your employees access primary care instantly, integrating seamlessly with in-person services from the NHS and therapy providers to allow for an even greater level of care.
  • Get back to being productive, quicker
    With help from our expert partners, backed with professional clinical oversight and governance, your employee is guided to the best possible recovery and a happier, healthier condition.
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