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Healix works with healthcare intermediaries

Now, more than ever, UK companies are looking for a fresh solution to their team’s healthcare provision. Healix works with healthcare intermediaries to help provide just that: a flexible alternative to private medical insurance (PMI) that could even save your clients money

Corporate healthcare trusts are healthcare’s best kept secret. They allow companies to have greater control over their medical spend, giving them the freedom to allocate more of their budget to the things that matter, and less to the things that don’t.

We help private medical insurance brokers and healthcare intermediaries to feel confident about bringing corporate trusts to their clients. Together, we can change UK healthcare for the better.

Who is a healthcare trust right for?

Does your client spend more than £150k on employee healthcare?

– Yes

– No

Switching to a corporate Healthcare Trust could actually save your client money in the long run. Healix’s corporate Healthcare Trust is designed to give your client more control over their healthcare costs, securing their employees the right healthcare in good times, as well as bad.

If your client has fewer than 200 employees it’s likely their healthcare spend will be less, which is why they’ve probably favoured seeking traditional healthcare options. There is an alternative. Healix’s Multi-Employer Healthcare Trust is designed to give your clients the same health benefits that they’re used to, but at a price they can afford.

To put it simply, Healthcare Trusts

• Provide greater flexibility for companies
• Are easy to set up and manage

• Are legally-robust and tax-efficient
• Can reduce healthcare spend

To set the record straight, we’ve created a guide that’s designed to dispel the myths about healthcare trusts.

Free to download, this comprehensive white paper will tell you everything you need to know about corporate trusts and will give you the confidence to bring these to your clients as a real and workable solution to their company’s healthcare.

Why choose Healix?

Healix has been working with healthcare intermediaries for over 18 years, providing the support they need to bring corporate trusts to businesses throughout the UK. We take our cues from you, giving you the resources you require to make an informed decision about what’s right for your client.

Every company you work with is unique. A corporate trust is flexible enough to cater for these differences, providing a healthcare plan that’ll suit their needs completely. However you’d like to bring healthcare trusts to your clients, we’d like to help.

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