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How to setup a healthcare trust

A painless process for you

There are a number of steps in this process and we can help with all of them. We take complete ownership for a trust set-up and administration to make sure it’s an absolutely painless process for you.

First of all, we assess your healthcare needs. We can then:

  • Define the range of benefit entitlements and scheme rules you would like to apply
  • Liaise with specialist solicitors and arrange for the drafting of a simple Trust Deed
  • Provide Trustee responsibility through a professional trust company
  • Provide guidance on approval from the local tax office.

As well as setting up your Healthcare Trust, we take on the responsibility of the Chief Medical Officer and manage the fund in accordance with the rules you have set, leaving you secure in the knowledge that your employees’ medical needs are being taken care of with minimum hassle.

The size of the trust fund will be based upon the average value of any claims over the previous few years and money can be drip-fed into the fund over the year. If claims are lower than anticipated, any excess in the fund can be carried over into the next year or a contribution holiday can be taken over several months. This means that you save money if claims are lower than anticipated, rather than the savings going to an insurer in increased profits.

Once the trust fund is established, we will administer the scheme, managing claims and negotiating with providers on behalf of the fund. We can also provide stop-loss insurance  if required to remove any risks involved.

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