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Third Party Healthcare Administrator

A valuable resource for managing and sourcing medical care, a third party administrator can cut costs while also improving the patient experience. Healix has been working as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) in the UK healthcare market for 18 years, helping some of the world’s leading companies to secure specialised private treatments.

We work closely with hundreds of private medical practices, hospitals and clinics, and more than 30,000 practitioners, to give you the widest choice, always at a reasonable price. Our in-house expertise will help you to understand your options, giving you the peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision.

What is a Third Party Administrator?

A TPA helps to simplify the process of finding and cost effectively managing medical care. We support insurers, as well as international and UK-based companies, who want to provide the best treatment for their clients, employees, and policyholders. A TPA can manage the entire process – from sourcing the right private treatment to paying the invoice – or lend our expertise to just part of it, like setting up an appointment with an expert practitioner for a specific condition.

Over the past two decades, Healix has developed strong ties with the UK’s leading private healthcare facilities. If you already have a hospital which you’d like to use, we can arrange the treatment and any follow up appointments, all comfortably within your budget.

Who should use a TPA?

Insurance Companies

Working with a TPA for health insurance is a popular option as it provides cost effective access to a greater number of private clinics, offering a better level of care for your clients and policyholders. Whether you already have a hospital in mind that you’d like to use, or need help with sourcing a practitioner or facility who fulfils your needs, Healix can help.

International and UK-based companies

If you’re an international company, you may have employees working in the UK. Healix can help to manage the healthcare needs of these individuals, providing access to private hospitals and treatments. We’ll manage the entire process, from start to finish, taking the burden away from you and your employees, leaving them to focus on becoming well again.

Can using a TPA save you money?
Yes – and the savings start right away.

Thanks to the unique way that Healix works, we can reduce how much you spend on healthcare overheads. Here are just some of the ways that we’ll reduce your costs:

Discounted healthcare fees… which are passed on to you

We work with a huge network of private medical hospitals and clinics around the UK, purchasing millions of pounds worth of treatment on an annual basis. Thanks to this spending power, we’re able to negotiate discounted rates on treatments, which we’ll then pass on to you.

Competitive case management fees

We’re constantly reviewing our costs to make sure that our services stay affordable. We invest in the latest technology to help streamline our service, maximising efficiency and reducing costs for our clients.

No need for an in-house administrator

By using Healix as your TPA, you won’t have to employ an in-house administrator, which could save on your own staffing and resource costs.

Working on a case-by-case basis

Once we’ve understood your requirements, to stretch your budget even further, we could offer our services on a case-by-case basis. This means you’ll only ever have to pay when you need us.

Managing your costs, from start to finish

As your case progresses, we’ll monitor the care that’s being offered to make sure there are no unexpected expenses. We’ll keep a close eye on costs and let you know, with plenty of notice, if your budget is about to be reached.

Benefits of using a TPA

Clinician-led approach

• Our highly-trained staff have expertise in a wide range of conditions, with the full support of qualified nurses should it be needed.
• Complex cases, such as cancer, cardiovascular and mental health, are case-managed by a nurse.

Independent and impartial

• Healix are completely independent, working with the entire range of healthcare providers to give you access to exactly who your members need to see.
• Led by medical professionals, we offer our advice based on your members’ healthcare needs – and nothing else. 

Huge network of private hospitals and medical practitioners

• We work with 700 private hospitals and clinics in the UK.
• We have relationships with over 30,000 medical practitioners – and growing.

Online claims management system

• Healix have developed an in-house digital claims management system.
• Members can make claims through a dedicated online portal.

Direct referrals, without the need of a GP

• Healix will make all appointment arrangements on behalf of your members
• Ideal for musculoskeletal conditions, or illnesses where immediate specialist medical attention is needed.

Cashless service

• Hospitals and practitioners bill us directly, taking the burden off the patient and the client.
• No need for patients to recoup their costs.

Second opinion services

• Help when a further medical opinion is needed.
• Access to appointments with the country’s leading specialists.
• Adds value to critical illness and income protection insurance policies.

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