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Your flexible solution to healthcare

Let’s work together to design a healthcare plan that invests your budget wisely, putting it towards the private medical services and treatments that will bring the most benefit to your colleagues and your business.

Healix Health Services is your flexible solution to healthcare. We’re challengers in our field, offering a viable alternative to the insurance model, which may suit your company better.

Corporate Healthcare Trusts explained

Employee healthcare is one of your biggest costs, and this figure is likely to increase over future years. When you invest so much, shouldn’t you have more control over how your money is spent?

Healix Health Services corporate trusts provide a healthcare package that’s designed by you, for you. You’ll have the same unrivalled access to private healthcare as you would with private medical insurance (PMI), often at a lower cost and with a corporate trust, any unspent funds can be put towards future healthcare.

We offer a flexible approach to healthcare that’s bespoke to our clients’ health requirements companies. You decide which services would be of the most benefit to your team, paying for what you use – and nothing else.

How does a corporate Healthcare Trust work?

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Manage healthcare costs

The flexible way in which a corporate Healthcare Trust is structured means you’ll have more control over managing your healthcare costs.

We’ve been named

Best Healthcare Trust Provider

For the 9th time in 10 years at the Health Insurance & Protection Awards 2020

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