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Giving your wellbeing the attention it deserves

Employee wellbeing is important. Whether physical or mental, wellbeing gives us an indication of how well we’re doing, in spite of everything that’s happening around us.

This comes at a time when UK wellbeing is at an all time low. Employers around the country are looking for ways to help their team to prioritise their wellbeing – and Healix can help. With our support, you’ll arm your colleagues with the tools and confidence they need to take charge of their own wellbeing.

Why is employee wellbeing important?

Wellbeing is a measure of how healthy, happy and comfortable we are. It isn’t about never having a negative thought or feeling, but rather building the resilience needed to cope with these when they arise.

Simple pleasures, like paying less than others for our everyday essentials, or nurturing our brains by learning a new skill can positively impact the way we feel, which will affect our performance at work. After all, happier individuals are better employees, who take less time off sick and are able to strike a sensible work/life balance.

How can Healix Health Services help to support your employees wellbeing?

From discounts on shopping and entertainment, to free access to educational courses, Healix Health Services has developed a range of tools to help your team to make time for their wellbeing. Our employee wellbeing platform will help your team to embrace good health and prosperity, and the opportunities that come with it.

Positive Occupational Wellbeing Resource

Developed by medical and psychological clinicians, Healix’s Positive Occupational Wellbeing Resource (POWR) helps your team to pinpoint the areas in their life which aren’t going as well as they should. Whether it’s work, or something in their personal life, POWR provides a personalised behaviour management plan which can help your colleagues to manage their wellbeing.

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E-learning courses

Encourage your colleagues to learn a new skill or expand their knowledge of an existing topic with Healix’s remote learning courses. From business and marketing, to design and photography, we offer online lessons on a wide range of topics, which can be taken at a time that suits them best.

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Lifestyle discounts

With Healix Health Services’ shopping discounts, your colleagues can save up to £700 per year on clothing, food and entertainment from the UK’s biggest high street brands.

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